shower faucet brand

What are the most recommended shower faucet brands

There are many types of faucets, all with their own features and benefits. Some have multiple settings or have a sprayer on them. Most importantly, the price ranges for faucets vary widely based on the material that is used for its construction and other features.

Some of the Most Recommended Brands Include:

1. Delta faucets:

These are the most recommended faucets since they offer a wide range of products from contemporary to traditional styles. They use all the latest technology to ensure that the faucets are easy to use, have an attractive look and are durable.

2. Moen

Moen offers a wide range of models that include Bathroom faucets and brushed nickel bathroom sinks for oval sinks and more. The brand also offers Moen oil rubbed bronze bathroom accessories, new style bath accessories, style series toilets and much more.

3. Kraus

Kraus offers a wide range of products that include Kraus kitchen faucets, Kraus bathroom faucets, Kraus kitchen sinks, Kraus bathroom sinks and much more. These products are available at very competitive prices.

4. American Standard Shower Faucets

American Standard offers a wide range of faucets that include contemporary and traditional designs. The brand also offers American Standard shower hoses, shower controls, bath accessories, toilets and much more.

5. Kohler

Kohler is a world leader when it comes to developing innovative products. The brand offers bathroom faucets, shower faucets, toilet seats and many more. The brand also offers a wide range of Kohler accessories that include kitchen sinks and much more.


This brand offers a wide range of products including Hansgrohe kitchen faucets and toilets. The brand also offers Hansgrohe bathroom faucets, Hansgrohe shower faucets, Hansgrohe kitchen accessories and much more.

7. Kingston Brass Shower Faucets

Kingston Brass offers a wide range of products that include Kingston brass single handle shower faucets, Kingston brass bathtub faucets and much more. The brand also offers a wide range of accessories such as Kingston brass kitchen faucet.

8. European Faucets

This is one of the oldest brands in the market. The brand offers a wide range of products such as Euro shower faucets and iron bath accessories. European Faucets also offers many other bathroom accessories such as taps, showerheads and bathroom accessories.

shower faucet brand

Where to get Best Faucet Brands?

Faucets are available from hardware stores and other home goods stores. However, if you want to get the best products, then consider shopping online. This can be done by searching for a good online store that offers a wide range of faucets at competitive prices. In addition to this, the online store also offers reliable customer care and fast delivery. Homelody is among the best known online stores for bathroom faucets. The online store offers a wide range of products that include bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets and many more.

Why Homelody?

  • Wide range of faucets: The online store offers a wide range of faucets, which include kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, laundry room accessories and many more. The online store also offers more than 75 different models of bath accessories. .
  • Customer care: The customer service team is available round the clock to help customers with any questions or queries. Therefore, you are always assured of getting the best products at very competitive prices.
  • Quality: Homelody is one of the most trusted online stores that provide a wide range of faucets at very competitive prices in terms of quality, reliability and customer care.
  • User convenience: The website has a comprehensive search feature to help users easily find the products they need.


With the help of Homelody, you will get the best products at very competitive prices. The online store offers a wide range of faucets include bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets.

sports Apple Watch band for exercise

Recommendations for a sports Apple Watch band for exercise

If you are looking for a band to wear while working out, we have some great recommendations for you! Apple Watch bands come in all shapes and sizes, and there is one that will fit your needs when it comes to exercise. We have compiled the best Recommendations for sports Apple Watch bands for exercise on the market, so you can be sure that your watch will stay in place while getting your sweat on!

  • Apple sport loop band

If you are looking for a band that is lightweight and comfortable, the Apple sport loop band is a great option. This band is made of nylon and has a Velcro closure, which makes it easy to adjust to fit your wrist. The band also comes in a variety of colors, check on to pick the right one for you. The inner side has a built-in cushioning that wicks sweat while you work out.

  • Nike volt sport band

The Nike volt sport band is the best way to add color to your workout gear. This band has a two-tone design that makes you stand out from the crowd. The band is also sweat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off during your workout.

  • Monowear nylon active band

The Monowear nylon active band is a great option for those who are looking for a sporty band that is also stylish. This band is made of nylon and has a buckle closure, which makes it easy to adjust to fit your wrist. This makes it more accurate to record your heart rate. The band also dries up quickly when it comes into contact with water or sweat.

  • Apple watch braided solo loop band

For those looking for a stylish and durable band, go for the Apple watch braided solo loop band. You don’t have to worry about sweat or water as the band dries up quickly. The strap stretches well to fit your wrist and easy wearing and taking it off.

sports Apple Watch band for exercise

  • Nomad sports strap

The Nomad sports strap is entirely waterproof, meaning you can work out outdoors regardless of the weather. It comes with a perforated design that allows your skin to breathe. You can have it in black, marine blue, ash green, lunar gray, or dune.

  • Twelve south action sleeve

The Twelve south action sleeve is both modern and comfortable. It is made of stretchy terry cloth lycra material for easy breathing and comfort. The band improves the reliability of the heart rate sensor. The band comes in various colors to choose from to go with your style. Additionally, it’s machine washable, making it easy to clean between workouts, but you have to remove the watch first.

  • Apple sports band

Want to bring comfort and style to your workout? The Apple sports band is a perfect choice. This band is made of silicone and has a two-tone design that makes you stand out from the crowd. The band is also sweat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off during your workout.

  • Nomad rugged band

The Nomad rugged band is both comfortable and durable. This band has a perforated design that allows your skin to breathe. the band is perfect for all kinds of adventures as its design is waterproof. For those people who love exercising outdoors, this is the watch band for you plus, the secure clasp keeps the watch in place.

  • Tefeca breathable sport loop

The Tefeca breathable sport loop brings comfort and style to your workout. This band is made of nylon and has a perforated design that allows your skin to breathe. It has a hook and loop fastener to fit your upper arm. You can also wear it around your ankle. The band also comes in different colors to fit your style and works with all Apple watches.


So, whether you are looking for a band that is stylish or durable, the above recommendations fit your needs. Depending on the exercises and activities you do, choose one from and get more from your workout.

motivational blog

This is not a motivational blog about starting a business

This is not a pep talk, a pat on the back or a practical guide to entrepreneurship. This is me going back to what I originally created my blog for – a semi-anonymous place for me to voice my inner thoughts, concerns and, in this case, utter terror. I mean pants-peeing, deer-in-the-headless, vomit-inducing, would-rather-jump-of-a-building-than-face it, fear.

You know, the stuff entrepreneurs are apparently made of (or so a quick google search tells me). For those of you who don’t know all about the day-to-day details of my life, my family started a business and I’ve been appointed head saleslady… or whatever fancy title you want to call me.

What does that ACTUALLY mean? It means that my parents livelihood, my brother’s happiness and my future financial security is all hinged on me being godlike in sales.

motivational blog

Oh… and did I mention I suck at sales?

Like seriously, I suck. at. sales. I’ve mastered my shaky voice on cold calls and have been told by my naturally salesy husband that I sound wonderful – but in reality I pray during every call that the person won’t answer. I hope that if they do, they’ve already heard of my company and – surprise! – I don’t even have to pitch them. But if none of those prayers pan out, please God, let it be a short conversation so I can just send my follow up email and move on.

Of course, I behave opposite to my prayers because the longer I’m on a call the more likely the person will remebmer me, but my god I hate it.

Then, if I do get through those calls and those emails and I finally make it to the demo stage, I have the rejection to deal with. Thankfully, we have a pretty high close rate.. but it still hurts. Bad.

Maybe it’s because I was the only kid in my house or maybe it’s because I have some faulty genes, but I need validation. You could starve me and deprive me of water for months but as long as someone sat next to me feeding me compliments (“such a smart girl!” “so independent!” “I wish I’d done that”), I’d probably live forever. Praise is my drug. I need it to survive.

Does anyone happen to know the one profession you don’t get a lot of praise in?

You guessed it. Sales!

Instead, you get people telling you they aren’t interested and they don’t want to talk to you. To make matters worse, they probably wasted a few hours of your time. And they might even be bad mouthing your product because, realistically, there’s something they decided wasn’t good enough about it and there’s nothing I can do to change their mind.

That is the opposite of praise. That has the same effect on me as kryptonite on Superman. Carrying on after a deal falls through is downright miraculous for me. Seriously, I should be getting awards here just for not jumping in front of a bus.

But I do carry on. Because that same fear will always prevent me from giving up. I hate the fact that if I fail, my family fails. I hate that I have to be amazing at something that doesn’t come easily for me. And I’m not, no matter how hard I try, I’m not amazing at this (but hopefully I’m good enough). I hate that I’m basically fighting time, our competitors and lack of resources all at once and in the end I’m not a skilled fighter.

But I would hate actually failing much more.

So for the time being, I’m going to blog out my terror and hope for the best. One foot in front of the other.

Oh, and I’ll probably drink a hell of a lot tonight.

Climbing a mountain

Climbing a mountain. Literally, not figuratively.

A while back when I was in Hawaii visiting my sister, she decided to take me to explore all the ups and downs of the Hawaiian terrain. Which apparently involved climbing down mountain sides on lava rocks.

Off one of the trails outside of Waikiki, there’s a well worn path that takes you past a chain fence warning visitors they are no longer on the path. In Hawaii, signs of warning and/or trespassing are like speed limits: ignored by 99% of the population.

Climbing a mountain

So I followed my sister over the cliff.

Seriously, it was a cliff, that had enough texture in the lava rock to slowly climb down towards the ocean. And climb we did.

Step by step, I hopped and skidded and eased myself from one section of the path to the next. It was a bumpy, uneasy road at first, but as we moved forward I could feel my feet finding their way and eagerly used my hands to help me drop from one rock to the next, being careful not to pitch forward or fall backwards. I eventually found my rhythym and clambored down the mountain while looking straight out to sea. The waves getting closer as the original path fell away.

We chatted for a while but fell silent during the tricky parts, and the silence allowed me to become one with my body. I felt the same confidence in my legs and my arms, my muscles and tendons, heartand lungs, that I used to feel when running. During that climb I knew my body like I did as a gymnast in middle school or during track workouts in high school. I was back in the gym with toned arms and flexible limbs. I knew where my feet were before they landed and could feel every move of my body before it happened. It was the kind of oneness with my body that meditation strives for.

The sun beat down on me as we descended and slowly reached our destination. All of a sudden my desk-work body morphed into what it was once – unbearably young and undeniably athletic. Sure, when we finally got to the tide pools at the bottom of the cliff and stripped to our bikinis I was still the same girl who has to truly sturggle to complete 15 pushups and has spent the last 2 years primarily on my slightly cushy bum from 9-5. But during that climb I was who I once was.

And I loved every minute of it. Which is why I intend to get that girl back no matter how many early morning runs or gym sessions it takes. Because there’s nothing more delightful than doing something truly physically challenging, and succeeding wildly.

Nakey girls on stage

Last weekend I did something crazy…. I packed my bags and went to Vegas!

It was my husband’s idea. We were going to CA for a conference, but neither he nor I have been to Sin City as adults. And let’s face it, when we visited with our families as teenagers, there wasn’t much “sin” to be had. So we threw together an odd assortment of activities to get in all our jollies while there: hiking red rock canyon, exploring the desert, chowing down on all-you-can eat buffets, wandering along Fremont street and seeing naked girls.

You know, because that’s what Vegas is about.

Before you get all hot and bothered, this isn’t a story about escorts and brothels. It’s not about three way sex or a bouquet of vaginas. At least not directly.

We did something much more tame. We went to a little show on the Strip. A show with no prejudice or discrimination. A show set in a world where age, beauty and gender are nothing but words. A performance with amazingly skilled performers… that did nothing but make me feel amazingly philosophical.


A little show called Zumanity.

I signed up for the experience expecting to see something spectacular and maybe a little sexy. I’ve always admired the sheer power of the men and women who grace Cirque Du Soleil stages. Topless or not, I love what those human beings can do with themselves and the props they’re given.

Needless to say, I didn’t go into the night looking for an epiphany or a kumbaya/feel good experience. I just wanted glitz and glammer and maybe some ta-tas. So when we sat down and watched a few performers warm the audience up, I was suprised. There were two very large (and very beautiful!) women flirting loudly with the men – and women – in the crowd. They cracked jokes and comically smooshed their voluptuous back ends into unsuspecting guests’ faces. Between the full-body fishnets and tiny black undies, I think they had less clothing combined than I did if you just counted my undergarments. And those big-boobed, big-bellied, big-butted women brought down the house. Nobody snickered, nobody judged. Because those were two ladies who had comedic power dripping from their scantily clad bodies. They rocked the stage.. a stage reserved for the best of the best when it comes to performers. And in that moment they weren’t bodies. They were talent and comedy and sex. That was all.

The first act started with an introduction by the host … a suspiciously masculine woman who definitely did not have the body of a super model. But she was the host. The main person on stage. The leader. She was chosen from all the skinny, pretty young things to be the queen of the stage, and she certainly knew how to hold court.

And that’s when I started to wonder … did Circque Du Soleil intentionally use their stunning popularity to show just how silly people’s perceptions are? Was this show really about glamor and glitz or was it actually about something much deeper?

The acts rolled on with a pair of girls falling in love while falling into a huge, water filled martini glass. It was an act that would have made parents guffaw and teenagers queue up their most venomous remarks where I grew up. But in that theatre, everyone jumped to applaud the nearly nude couple and their underwater gymnastics. Surprisingly, the same reaction was to be had when a ridiculously acrobatic set of male performers locked lips before walking off the stage with a female performer … a nod to polyamorous relationships in the form of dance?

We saw every race, weight, height, age and appearance. We saw little people and obese women, implied threesomes, foursomes and orgies. We saw men on men, women on women, black with white, dominant females dancing between whips while skinny men spun obediently on hula hoops. There were six-pack abs spinning from ropes and sunken bellies under exposed, contorted rib cages. There were boobs that hung low and ones that you had to squint just to find. There were little bulges, big bulge, pale skin, dark skin, wrinkled skin. It was amazing because the talent was the top-notch talent that is always brought by one of the most fabulous productions in the US, but the talent broke through any box that’s ever existed. It was solely talent… it wasn’t just looks.

And instead of being slightly turned on, I felt slightly turned up. I became attuned to how beautiful it all was. I saw the audience respond positively to things that would have been booed off the stage in a previous decade. Claps came where gasps would have been before. And at the end of the show, the theater stood to applaud the performance, not fully realizing they had seen all the things acted out that they were taught to disdain.

I went home that night feeling liberated. Enlightened. Releaved.

I may have gone to see something risque, but instead I saw a glimpse of the world I want my children to grow up in. A world in which there is no “normal” and beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder.. it’s in every human being we see. Topless or not.

bucket lists

Before thinking about having babies, we’re thinking about bucket lists.

Me and Daniel recently decided that before we think about having babies we should think about what we want to do before thinking about having babies. And that led us to create our own before-babies bucket lists of all the selfish and stupid things we want to do before being responsible adults. Thankfully I’ve done a lot of aselfish and stupid things, so my list isn’t very long but I’m waiting to see what Daniel’s will look like.

I’m posting mine below, but feel free to comment with more suggestions of what I should add:

1. Take Russian lessons (again). I’m determined to have a bilingual baby and I keep forgetting all my darn language skills every time I learn them.

2. Get my legs to do the splits again because I was able to do them when I was younger and I sure as heck won’t be doing the splits after having a baby so I might as well get one last hurrah out of my legs.

3. Run a 10k. Even if it’s not a competition and it’s on my own, I’m going to run all those Ks. It’ll get me in shape for when I am pregnant someday… and I’d like to be able to outrun my own children if they end up being athletic. Becase, you know, they have to learn how to lose early on…

4. Take pictures of my pre-baby body. I don’t have extra skin in weird places or cellulite on my thighs or inexplicable stretch marks in places that don’t even make sense. I’d like proof of that, because I know my body won’t stay this way.

5. Go backpacking overnight with Daniel. First and foremost because I think it would be hilarious to see my city-boy husband sleeping in a tent and eating food that he had to carry around on his back all day. But also because I imagine it would be a magical bonding experience. And I recently read the book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed which made me want to follow in her footsteps. On a lesser scale of course.

6. Go to Hawaii. This is really only on here because we’re definitely going to Hawaii to visit my sister who moved there recently so I know I’ll be able to cross it off the list. And I love crossing things off lists!

If anyone can think of any other suggestions, please comment. I wouldn’t want to miss out on any babyless fun just because I didn’t think of an idea!