Business Coaching

Barter for Business Coaching

Are you thinking of leaving your job to pursue freelancing or to start a business? Do you need help figuring out this whole marketing and social media thing? Are you trying to solidify a new business idea and figure out how to launch it?

I can help.

As an entrepreneur and Marketing/Sales specialist, I’d love to help other women (and men!) get their businesses and/or projects off the ground and implement new ideas. I’ve been there before and understand that most people who are branching out on their own for the first time don’t have money to pay top dollar for a coach, but you might not know where – or how! – to get started without one.

That’s where I come in. I’m currently working with entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers in NYC to launch new ideas. I started by exchanging skills, goods and services rather than charging money. Helping people realize their dreams is something I’m passionate about and I’m particularly good at brainstorming, creating actionable plans for launching new ideas/projects, and improving marketing, sales or public relations plans that have already been created.


Bartering: If you’d like to barter for services, I’m willing to barter for any variety of things, so let me know what skills you have and we can work out an exchange!

Paying: If you’d like to go a traditional route, I typically charge $80/session, with a commitment of three sessions. I only work with early stage startups and first time entrepreneurs who may not otherwise be able to afford a coach or consultant. For more established businesses, please contact me for prices.

A little about me: I was trained in Commercial Art and moved to NYC shortly after finishing high school in Northeast Ohio. When I first arrived in the big city, I worked for AmeriCorps to bring literacy and after school programs to the South Bronx but I quickly branched out and ended up working for every type of company imaginable throughout my 20s (retail, food, software, media, etc). During that time I simultaneously hosted art shows, did freelance writing gigs and launched several businesses. My passion for travel has led me to live and work in 4 countries including working in non-profit marketing/fundraising in both the Bahamas and Cambodia. I now own a portion of EHR Tutor, a software company I launched with my mother, and have a toddler son at home. Because of that, I take a particular interest in anyone who would like to discuss work/life balance, travel/work abroad arrangements and projects launched by women. I live/work in NYC but am happy to consider clients in Cleveland, OH as I travel there often.